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China Desk /中国事务组

We are an international network of independent firms, with a long history and reputation with almost 30 years in México. We offer the support of 16 offices and more than 500       employees in our country, as well as the experience of 360 offices in more than 100 countries and 7,000 expert auditors, accountants, consultants, and attorneys from our global network.

我们是一个由独立事务所组成的国际网络,在墨西哥有近 30 年的悠久历史及声誉。在墨西哥我们拥有 16 个办事处和 360 多名员工的支持,以及350个办事处在100个个国家/地区的经验和由7,000 名审计师、会计师、顾问和律师所组成的全球网络。


Russell Bedford provides solutions that best fit your needs. We are a very experienced team in different areas: Company Registration, Accounting, Tax, Audit, Payroll, IMMEX, VAT certificate, VAT devolution and Business Consultancy, all these services provided in your own language.

Russell Bedford 提供最适合您需求的解决方案。我们是一支在不同领域经验丰富



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T: +52 55 30 84 10 35  

Hemos visto en Russell Bedford a un despacho serio en el cual se puede confiar para llevar a cabo el trabajo de acuerdo a los requerimientos que las autoridades federales nos exigen. Esta es una firma que recomendamos ampliamente para las labores de auditoría y fiscalización

Javier Sánchez, Dir. General Adjunto, Sintenovo